Project Description

Louisa & Jamie’s Wedding

Emotive were contacted by Louisa & Jamie after recommendation by Tristram at Julie Abbs Catering to supply Outdoor lighting, Stage Lighting, Audio and Power for their wedding in June, 2016. Emotive’s Nic Watkinson took the project under his wing, meeting with the client at the venue, the Bride’s parents home in beautiful North Norfolk.

The brief was to provide full ‘Production’ to the wedding. Areas of the garden were identified as areas for fire pits, a beautiful walled garden to be lit, the barn as a reception venue, the main focal point of the ‘Wedding Tree’ and the main dining space, a 30M x 20M Stretch Tent with some very glamorous ideas.

Emotive supplied 2, 50KVA Generators to power the majority of the site. The sets had to be road towable as lorry delivery want possible due to the generators final location. Power distribution was supplied to the catering area, the nearby fire pit area and a 100M run to the front of the house. Distribution was then split town to feed the local areas.

Lighting was to be a soft warm feeling of almost candle light, the centre piece being the dining area. Suspended and lit we 40 cream paper lanterns using Black festoon as our main support and using Emotive’s own pendant drops to add a variation in height. Festoon was also used as a front canopy to the Marquee, a Lattice work from the Marquee to the Reception barn and as general walk way lighting down the side of the house, down the drive and above the fire pits.

The barn was next on the list and was lit with P Light strings to add a warm glow to the room as well as LED stage lighting from 8 Par cans and dance floor lighting using our Moving Moon Flowers. Lastly the bar and seating area we lit with 3 beautiful brass domes and subtle standard lamps all to add lamination to the cill out area and bar which were serving the specially designed wedding cocktails al being served by the talented Twilight Bars. All designed by the bride herself (You would expect nothing else from one of London’s top Interior Designers) The wedding tree was wrapped in P lights to add a focal point for the speeches that were taking place outdoors. Finally the house, walled garden and tree line to the rear of the ten were lit using LED lighting to pick up features on the house and gardens and traditional HQI discharge lamps on the tree line.

Sound was split into 3 areas, The Marquee for general background music and a walk in track, the Wedding tree area for Speeches and the Reception barn for band and DJ. The marquee was run from a local amplifier supplying 4 D&B E3 speakers tucked high on the marquee support poles to add a discreet sound to the marquee. The system for the speeches had to be both discreet and waterproof so we employed 6 outdoor waterproof speakers, run from a separate amp in our control room. Each of the 5 speakers wore a Sennheiser lapel radio mic system allowing them full movement and not be tied to a hand held mic. Lastly the fantastic Brand New Groove were supplying the evening entertainment. Emotive supplied A D&B FOH system consisting of E18 Subs and Q7 tops and 3, MAX15 monitors. All the audio was mixed and zoned from a Yamaha LS9-32 Console.

On the big day, Emotive supplied 2 engineers, Nic to act as Sound engineer and Rich to look after the power, Lighting and Band.

So pleased was Louisa, the bride, with the look and feel of the day she is even considering adding this to her portfolio. Take a look at