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Event electrical specialists


Electricity forms part of our everyday lives and even more so in the technical side of theatre and events.

Event venues still have large, complex systems and power demands that are best left to specialists. We are trained and qualified to City and Guilds in electrical installations and inspection and testing as well as working to BS7909, the british standard code of practise for temporary electrical installations.

Everything now is linked with complex data networks, control systems and industry specific connections and protocols. 

Technology has been the driver in our industry for over 20 years now. Generic lanterns becoming more efficient, LED technology, affordable moving lights, DMX, RDM and now Artnet & sACN in lighting and the likes of Dante and MADI in audio along with networking technologies breaking into the entertainment industry in every way shape and form. Emotive are at the forefront of technology keeping up to date with all the advances in technology as they happen in the industry.

Our design team work with you, the client as well as industry suppliers to offer the right solution. We don't buy in container loads of cheap chinese rubbish badged as our own. We only work with UK and EU based suppliers to offer reliable quality products with good UK based warranty and backup, often with extended warranty periods. We can also design and build custom facility panels, lighting bars and power distribution boxes to your specification or to best suit a project.