Consumable Sales



Need tape, batteries, Lamps, gel? We have it in stock!


We stock a large range of gaffer, PVC & transpore tapes, Batteries, Theatre and standard lamps, Gel and rigging & stage hardware.

We do our best to offer high quality products at the best price. We no longer stock cheap gaffer tape, instead choosing Mag tape from Le Mark as out gaffer. Its a quality, Matt tape that doesn't leave that horrible gummy residue everywhere! We think its the best!

We also keep in a large stock of theatre lamps for most current lanterns as well as generic festoon lamps in both incandescent and LED, clear or coloured. 

Sound wise, we keep in headset and lapel microphones as well as transpore tape and computer media like SD cards, just in case!

Below is our current price list, Prices correct at time of publication.